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Solos, singles and people living alone face specific challenges and opportunities, and have incredible strengths and unique experience. Through The Living Well Alone Project, we have built deep knowledge across the emotional, practical and psychological aspects of solo living, and regularly gather insight from across our incredible community.

We are able to offer a wider range of consulting services to organisations looking to find out more about those living solo, to help tackle some of the toughest issues facing these communities, and to design better services and products. We work with community and educational organisations (including universities) through our social enterprise The Living Well Alone Project CIC, and with brands / businesses via our commercial consultancy, Solo Insights Ltd.

Get in touch to see how we can help you today! For further detail on the kind of work we can do, see below.

Community Gardening


For those working on connection and loneliness in local communities

Community leaders are more and more aware of issues relating to social isolation and loneliness. We can offer training and facilitated workshops at local, regional and national level for community leaders / organisations working with people living alone. Our training covers: 

  • mythbusting solo living - unpacking the 'sad and lonely' stereotype, and sharing what we know about people who live alone

  • looking at who REALLY experiences loneliness, and why and how this happens

  • the role community leaders can play in tackling loneliness and social isolation

  • why asset-based and psychological approaches are key in understanding and tackling social isolation and loneliness

Our workshops are designed to help you dig deeper into the specific challenges in your communities, and to agree principles for future service design.

Female Students


For student unions and student support services teams

Young people are more likely to experience loneliness than any other age group, and there are particular risks for students living away from home for the first time. We can offer: 

  • training courses and workshops on loneliness / connectedness and social isolation for staff working with young people living away from home for the first time

  • group coaching / training for students

  • leaflet / handout / welcome pack development

  • strategic reviews of current student support offers

  • student focus groups

Get in touch now for a conversation about how we can help. 

Run by The Living Well Alone Project Community Interest Company (CIC), a social enterprise set up to promote a more positive and realistic perception of solo living and to empower those living alone. 

Image by Scott Graham


Creating value via products and services for singles / solos

I'm passionate about improving the lives of people living alone, and that includes excellence in service provision. As we recover from Covid-19, we can help brands and businesses retain their existing solo customers and attract this audience by providing high quality, tailored insight to support different aspects product and service design / development. Including market research and analysis; idea generation / screening; concept development; user testing; marketing campaigns and strategies; assessment and evaluation; and problem solving, including understanding existing customer journeys.

Get in touch for a conversation about how we can help you today.

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