Direct, insightful, compassionate coaching for conscientious singles / solos. Details of open courses and sessions below, or contact me for a chat!

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10 x hours of small group and 1-1 coaching

If you've ever felt as though you 'give to' more than you 'get back' in your closest relationships, if you're tired of having to chase meaningful connection, and if you crave greater emotional intimacy with the important people in your life, then this course has been designed for you.

Over six weeks within a small, safe, supportive group of no more than 8 people you'll learn the mistakes you've been making that have been holding you back from true connection, and some simple strategies for making rapid changes to transform the quality of your closest relationships. You'll develop greater self-belief, and learn how to transform your social relationships so that you feel seen, supported, valued and deeply connected, even without a romantic partner. 

You've receive at least 9 hours (6 x 1.5 hour sessions) of group coaching as part of a small, supportive group of max. 8 people, as well as worksheets, exercises, audits and reading recommendations to do in your own time. You'll also receive a bespoke 1 hour 1-1 coaching session (worth more than the whole course!) where we'll use your Myers-Briggs profile to focus on making your unique communication style work for you. 

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One high impact 1-1 coaching session

If you're considering '6 Weeks to Wholehearted Connection' but aren't sure whether the course / coaching are for you, I'd recommend a 45 minute 1-1 Connection Confidence session. You'll gain immediate insight into the issues holding you back from achieving greater emotional intimacy, define a compelling vision for your future connection, and explore simple strategies for moving towards this. 

Currently half price to anyone interested in the '6 Weeks to Wholehearted Connection' course - and if you decide to go ahead with the full course, I'll credit the amount you've paid against the course cost - which means the session will be absolutely free! 

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Bespoke private coaching arrangements

I offer a small number of 1-1 coaching arrangements for those wanting to dive deep into their solo connection & confidence challenges and to work towards unshakeable self belief & deeper emotional intimacy. This includes 6 x 1 hour high impact coaching sessions, exercises & worksheets for you to complete in your own time, and unlimited email / Whatsapp support in between sessions. Please book a short Discovery Call to talk about how I can help.