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My team and I are able to offer a range of consulting services for organisations committed to improving the lives of people living alone. We work with universities to tackle isolation amongst students. We work with community leaders looking to better understand and respond to the specific challenges facing those who live alone. We also work with businesses looking to build better products and services targeted at the solo market. Read more on the consulting services page, then book a call for a conversation about your specific requirements.

Sat on the Rocks


The Living Well Alone Project started as a blog and a Facebook page back in 2017, and has now grown into a huge global community of people who live alone. We're sharing stories, filling the gap in information and advice for people living by themselves and asking the question ‘how do I do this?’ as well as promoting a more positive and realistic perception of people who live alone. We are part advisory service, part consultancy, and part social movement! 

Our aim is to transform society’s perceptions of what it means to live alone, celebrating the independence, resilience and spirit of those who do, and empowering those living solo to live confident, healthy, connected, inspired lives – no matter their starting point. Find out more on The Living Well Alone Project page, or go straight to the Project website.


  • Do you feel that many of your primary connections - with your friends, family, neighbours or colleagues - are more one-sided than you'd like them to be?

  • Do you crave emotional intimacy?

  • Do you feel that you give more than you receive in your existing relationships - or that your loyalty to others isn't fully reciprocated?

  • Do you feel like you're expected to fit in with others' plans more than they would be willing to fit in with yours? 

  • Do you often feel drained and exhausted after socialising?

  • Do you ever struggle to ask for help - or worry that it won't be forthcoming if you do? 

  • Do you ever feel you aren’t properly understood by the people closest to you - and / or that there's emotional distance between you that you can't explain?

  • Do you envy people who seem to be able to attract exactly the kinds of friends they want into their lives? 

  • Do you want one to one conversations that go deeper than just small-talk?

  • Do you feel frustrated that your friends and family aren't giving you what you need?

If you've answered 'yes' to any of these, then this course could help. 

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