Hi! I'm Hannah & I'm really glad you're here!

When I was young, my parents encouraged me to develop and follow my interests, to read widely and form my own opinions, to develop my values, and to be authentically me - even if that meant side-stepping convention. True to form, I've tended to live life mostly on my own terms!

At 17 I trained as a youth mentor and instructor with the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, and - alongside A-Levels and university - worked for 7 years with incredible teens, many of whom were defying the odds of their backgrounds and upbringing.

After university I joined the UK Civil Service, and worked for nearly a decade in a wide range of social and economic policy roles focused on vulnerable people and local 'grassroots' community development & economic regeneration. In 2012 I joined the Board of the youth homelessness charity DepaulUK as a non-executive Director, overseeing transformational improvements to the charity's leadership and governance arrangements.  

In 2015 I was surprised and delighted to be nominated for an OBE for services to homeless and vulnerable young people. While it still feels strange to have those letters after my name, I'm trying to use them to Do Good - and they're slowly starting to feel more comfortable!

In 2015 I left the UK for a while and worked in international development as a freelance governance advisor, consultant & exective coach for charities and governments in Europe and in sub-Sarahan Africa. I had an amazing time, learnt absolutely loads, and made some lifelong friends. 

Since the end of 2016, I've been back in the UK Civil Service working on education and young people's policy - concerns that are very close to my heart. To support my professional development, I trained and qualified as a life coach. 

Since 2017 I've also been working on a much more personal venture. The Living Well Alone Project started after a tragedy very close to home brought the challenges of solo living into sharp relief for me. At the time, there was very limited information, advice and support available for people living alone. Today, we're gradually filling that gap. I'm incredibly excited about the opportunities to draw on 20 years of my own professional experience, and to collaborate with others doing amazing work in the solo living space.

Hannah x