Solo living is on the rise - across the world, more and more people are living alone for significant stretches of their lives. Living solo means feeling empowered and authentic, and living in a way that's independent, connected, fulfilled, no matter your circumstances. I'm passionate about creating a world where people living alone are empowered to lead healthy, confident and even inspired solo lives. You can find out more about the work I'm doing in this space below and via the menu options.



I offer direct, insightful, compassionate coaching for conscientious singles / solos who are ambitious for their lives and careers. I don't offer dating advice! If we decide to work together, I'll help you find confidence and purpose in your life as it is now, while helping you define a compelling vision for your future. 

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My team and I are able to offer a range of consulting services for organisations committed to improving the lives of people living alone. We work with universities to tackle isolation amongst students. We work with community leaders looking to better understand and respond to the specific challenges facing those who live alone. We also work with businesses looking to build better products and services targeted at the solo market. Read more on the consulting services page, then book a call for a conversation about your specific requirements.

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The Living Well Alone Project started as a blog and a Facebook page back in 2017, and has now grown into a huge global community of people who live alone. We're sharing stories, filling the gap in information and advice for people living by themselves and asking the question ‘how do I do this?’ as well as promoting a more positive and realistic perception of people who live alone. We are part advisory service, part consultancy, and part social movement! 

Our aim is to transform society’s perceptions of what it means to live alone, celebrating the independence, resilience and spirit of those who do, and empowering those living solo to live confident, healthy, connected, inspired lives – no matter their starting point. Find out more on The Living Well Alone Project page, or go straight to the Project website.


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